FireShare: Dennis is doing his thesis!


So all you firefox users, listen up. Dennis, the genius programmer I work with, has just completed his main thesis project, a addon for FireFox called FireShare. The idea is as follows:

The FireShare Plugin communicates with a Coordination Server to help group peers based on visited URLs. When peer groups are formed, future URLs visited by each peer are forwarded to the other peers in the groups. When a number of peers visit URLs that one peer hasn’t visited, those URLs are tested to see if they might be of interest. Interesting URLs are displayed in a dialog and the user can choose whether or not to view them.

All of this happens automatically without user intervention. There are some customizable features of FireShare though. You can customize which URLs are included or excluded in the preferences dialog. You can also disable sharing without uninstalling the plugin.

So go and try it out! Dennis needs a good wad of people using the plugin so he can document some solid test time, work out some bugs, etc. Here it is: