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The Big N

All in his words:

Hello, my fake name is Phaladone. I went up (from Maryland) to New York recently to see some Broadway Plays. If you care, they were Monty Python’s Spamalot and The Odd Couple. They were both monstrously funny, Spamalot had was much like The Holy Grail movie but better, and The Odd Couple was geared more to the elderly who have seen it, but it was still hilarious, lots of famous names in it too. But I digress, that is not what I’m writing about, I am writing about a place near the Rockefeller Center.

It is called NINTENDO WORLD and what a cool place it is! If you’ve been to the Pokémon Center, well it’s gone, sorry to inform you. They replaced it with World a few months ago and I’m glad they did. The Center was bland-ish and sold Pokémon merchandise and nothing but, even crap that shouldn’t exist but does. It is also empty of people, I went there three times in the past and no one was ever there, referring to other non-employs. But World on the other hand, changes everything about Nintendo, you walk in and you’ll see stairs/elevator to your left and three pedestals with a MASS number of people behind it, either at the DS circle, SP bar or the small, which has all the stuff the center had, Pokémon section.

The pedestals have pretty much everything recent about Nintendo, the newly released Red DS and Faicom Micro, and a lot of other portables in there, I think I saw a purple DS too, not sure though. Now I won’t talk about the Pokémon section, it is what it is. But the DS circle is awesome, they have all the newly released games, not the demos, inside the circle with funky modern chairs to sit on, outside, the standing part of the circle, has demos of games to come. The SP bar is a raised slab of metal with SPs on it, very cool though. They also have 8 FLAT screens for the DS multiplayer “station,” even though you can’t see what you poke, it’s cool. They also have 4 flats for the SP multiplayer too.

The upstairs part, where I spent a good 20 minutes up there, is awesome. There are 8 double-sided GameCube stations up there, making a total of 16 game cube 4 player battles. Only draw back is that the stations reset every 10 min. so as I was playing SSBM with some locals (New Yorkers) it reset. But the scary thing is that, they started it back up and FLEW through the menus, I mean in 5 sec from the reset, we were selecting our characters for a 3 stock melee. It was cool.

They also have game pods, which I didn’t try out and don’t know what they are, all I know is it is there are three flat screens with an egg chairs in front of them.

They also have EVERY game released for each (current) system for sale. The clothing is great too, as I type this, I am wearing their Nintendo World shirt with the blue right on it and the NES controller beany on my head. On the top floor they have a pedestal “museum” of sorts, with every system, console or portable, they ever released, with dates and info about them under each thing.

A few facts about my trip:

My dad thinks Mario is Mm-air-e-o, it’s hilarious to see the adults, not my dad who somehow knew what everthing was and how to use them, have no idea what their doing while tiring to help their younglings (It’s in the dictionary!) get the game started, and everyone is friendly there, from the staff to the people.

Also, if you go anytime soon, ask about a DS skin, they’ll give you a FREE Miyamoto skin for it, nice! Ink is a little easy to wear off though; the black not the orange, the orange WON’T come of off it. It’s easy to apply too, unless you’re having a seizure…


a.k.a. Ethan Kaplan

Thanks, Ethan!!