ExtraLife Radio wants to have a big fat hairy contest!


But here is the problem. We need stuff to give away! So, I am putting a call out to any business, group, individual, cave troll, etc. who has something cool that you think our listeners would love to have as a prize. Here are the benefits:

– Full sponsorship for 2 shows in a row. Lots of mentions, custom 30 second promo, etc.
– Loads of exposure to a very niche group of listeners that are totally wicked cool.
– I am sure there is a third thing but I can’t think of anything right now.

So come on! Give us your stuff! Does not have to be a shiny new BMW or anything. Just something cool that people might enjoy! It will help you, it will help our listeners, and it will give me a chance to do something fun! Email me at extraliferadio@gmail.com and I will get back to you asap! BRING IT! (Looking at Blizzard people for T-shirts, copies of WoW and other killer stuff. 😉 )