ELR Article
Recently Scott, Brian, Obsidian and Andrew, the crew of Extralife Radio, were interviewed by Ryan Clouse from Tribune Media for a nationally syndicated column.

The column was published in papers across the nation this past Sunday and was available to close to 1 million readers in the US.

Here is part 1 of the 2 part article. – Brian

header3.gifPodcasts have become common place on the World Wide Web. For the uninitiated, a podcast is an audio or visual show in a tiny, bite-size form for easy consumption. Some podcasts are successful; others are not. This is the story of one of the former, ExtraLife Radio, created by Scott Johnson. ExtraLife Radio began in 2001 and covers all things geek, with a strong focus on video games and technology. Over the last year, the show has gained in popularity, mainly due to the addition of an amazing panel of fellow geeks who add their own brands of humor to an already funny show. The panel includes webcomic creators Brian Dunaway (“A Mission Deep”) and Sergio“Obsidian” Villa Isaza (“Commissioned”), and tech expert Andrew Konietzky. I got a chance to speak at length with the brains and voices behind ExtraLife Radio.

How did MyExtraLife.com start?

Johnson: I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version. Back in 1999, I started a small webcomic. … I’ve been drawing my whole life, and it’s something I’ve always been interested in, and I thought, “Why not. We’ll just try it,” and it ended up becoming very popular, at least within that community. Then I got an e-mail from Gamespy … and they wanted to run (the comic). I said I’m actually thinking about starting a general …geek-related webcomic, and they said go for it. To make a long story short, that’s how the comic started. ExtraLifeRadio was on long before podcasting was anything.

How did you find the ExtraLife crew?

header4.gifKonietzky: I used weapons and threats to get in on the show.

Johnson: Brian and I had been friends for a while. He first showed interest in ExtraLife some time ago. Not only is he a fellow webcomic artist, but he’s kind of a geek like me. Obsidian is also a webcomic artist. I really liked his work and I was interested that he was not from here. I thought, “I’ll bet he’d be funny,” because I knew he knew really good English and I knew he was a total geek and nerd. Finally, Andrew became one of the biggest contributors I had. I said, “I wonder how he’d fit in.” A lot of it’s just good chemistry, and they’re good people at the right time in the right place.

Join the round table of intellect next week as the artistic geeks talk about the world of webcomics and video games .In the meantime, check out http://www.myextralife.com/ for wacky antics with the ExtraLife crew