ELR Article Part 2
Recently Scott, Brian, Obsidian and Andrew, the crew of Extralife Radio, were interviewed by Ryan Clouse from Tribune Media for a nationally syndicated column.

The column was published in papers across the nation this past Sunday and was available to close to 1 million readers in the US.

Here is part 2 of the 2 part article. – Brian

3.gifFor those who missed last week’s comic high jinks with the charming geeks at ExtraLife Radio, ELR is a podcast, or Internet-bound audio show, created by the brilliant and slightly warped webcomic creator Scott Johnson. His rag tag crew of geek savants includes webcomic creators Brian Dunaway and Sergio “Obsidian” VillaIsaza and tech expert Andrew Konietzky.

What’s your role on ExtraLife Radio?

Brian Dunaway: I consider myself kind of the straight guy. I try to keep these guys in line. You don’t see me sending the messages behind the scenes like, “Who’s that? Who’s eating their microphone?”

Andrew Konietzky: (I’m a) wealth of useless knowledge. Someone might say something around me … and I’ll be like, “That’s just like this, from this movie or this video game.” And they’re like, “How did you know that?”

Scott Johnson: I’m the passionate one, the one that really wants to see this stuff happen and see it work. My goal, if anything, is to be the engine behind it. … (Isaza) brings a very unique perspective because he comes from a very different part of the world. He’s incredibly funny without having to try very hard, and he’s definitely created a persona for himself on the show.

Andrew, being a fan, why are you so dedicated to ELR?


AK: You know what?! Considering I don’t get any money for this, that’s a good question! No … I enjoy the community on the forums. I enjoy the people that call the show and I love doing the show. It’s a blast.

Scott, where do you feel your de-mographic lies?

SJ: I do skew toward the mid- to late-20s, early-30s demographic. Not just because I’m in that demo, but because I like the more mature audience. I think you can be mature but still be a kid at heart.

The work of Johnson and the ELR crew has set the bar for podcasters everywhere. Their dedication to theircraft and to their fans is unwavering, which hopefully will give the show the long life it deserves. Someone once said that if you give 1,000 monkeys 1,000 typewriters, they’ll eventually write “Hamlet. ”Well, if you give four geeks four mi-crophones, they’ll create something just as wonderful. Be sure to check out their works at:

www.myextralife.com | www.theInstance.net | www.missiondeep.com | www.commissionedcomic.com | www.cranialjacksandconverse.blogspot.com