Don’t hate me

I have had to call off tonight’s recording of ELR. I will be uptown all night on some family duty and not around to get it done. The rest of the week is full too. We probably could use the break anyway, get a nice week to plan up for the next one. We are just about the most consistent podcast on the net, and RARELY miss a week, so we will take this rare moment and do just that. 🙂 Oddly enough it worked out that Randy is on vacation this week and we had to push The Instance a week as well, and there is no Infendo Radio this weekend either. Not planned that way, just how things worked out.

So sorry for the delay. Just think how nice it will be when we are back to normal next week. 🙂

UPDATE: Just a note, we will be visiting the Blendtec company next week. They are the guys behind the “Will it blend” videos you see all over the place. I will be doing some audio recording, and getting some pictures and video. What I want from you guys is this. What do you want to see them blend? They will do a custom blending for us of some crazy thing, and we want you to help us think of just what that should be. Send your submissions to