Don’t Copy That Floppy aka Arrrrrr you a pirate!?

A couple episodes ago the ELR guys discussed piracy issues with video games, software, music and more. They were pretty open about the subject and brought up some points to consider. Here’s a little input from me on the subject.

Starting with Napster all the way down to BitTorrent, there are far too many easy avenues to get the digital files you need to feed your fix. With digital content (games, music, movies, tv shows, software) becoming more a way of life for most folks, will piracy increase as the young web surfers of the world become tech savvy adults?

My personal experience may not be the same as others my age. When I discovered Napster and subsequently the other peer to peer applications that allowed for more than just Mp3 sharing I was as close to a bandwidth addict as one would like to admit (at the time we had dial up… eeeeek). I test drove most any graphic or web design application I could during those years. Much of my learning was done from “borrowed” software. If it was not for the opportunities presented by “borrowing” these applications I would probably have not pursued being a designer as I grow’ed up.

When I got older, I realized the number of software applications I had was wayyyyyy overkill. I learned that narrowing down my toolset to just a handful of applications was the best approach. This subsequently reduced the need to feed my addiction.

While studying in school I took full advantage of purchasing the educational versions of the software I needed for class.

Soon after, after getting my first big client, I kicked down half of my payment for a fully legal Adobe Creative Suite. Years later, I find myself with legal, fully licensed copies of all the major apps that I use as well as plenty of music purchased from iTunes. Mucho dinero out of pocket my compadres ( O’ is this proper spanish?!

The reason I bring this up …
As we get older, start making some money, and possibly becoming more aware of the little ins and outs regarding pirating… do we tend to lean away from it? I am in the creative field and find myself depending on the software I own to pay my bills. I have worked with artists, musicians, developers, and coders. Does this make me more sensitive to “ill affects” of piracy and increase the guilt factor since I work with people who are presumably affected most.

I am curious what the younger peeps out there have to say as well as the older folks like Scott (heheh) and myself.

If you have actually made it to the end of this rant, I challenge you to learn a little something about piracy and check out this extremely informative anti-pirating video here. Enjoy!

Posted by: Sushiman
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