DING! I leveled up today…

On July 17th, 1969, my mom pushed, and thus I began my life on this earth as one of its many confused yet excited denizens, cursed to find himself, interact with others, and perpetuate the population.

I don’t feel old. I feel about 25 or so, both mentally and physically…which is weird. I guess that’s a good thing. It’s next year that I truly fear. EEEP!

Thanks for all you guys do…for coming here, reading the comic, listening to the shows, and consuming my content. It goes a long way to keeping me 25. (And no, that is not me in that picture.)

This also marks the Thursday before Nerdtacular 2008. Everything is pretty much in place and I am really looking forward to hanging out with many of you there. Might just be all the birthday gift a guy could ask for. (Oh yeah, and watch the new Terminator teaser.)