Diary of a Cartoonist: Episode 1

I started a new show today, a fast and easy one that documents the creation of the EL comic. I am doing it mostly because I believe it will help me flesh out ideas in my head, and at the same time, share a bit of the process with you guys as I create new strips.

It is based on the “enhanced” podcast format, which means that at certain points in the show there are images specific to what I am talking about at the time. (inking the comic, coloring, adding text, etc.) So the format is M4A, perfect for any of you using iTunes, iPods, other M4A players, etc. Here is the feed you can manually add to iTunes now until they have me listed officially in the next day or two, or you can get the M4A directly here.

For those that have no access to that, you can get an MP3 version here, though there is no support for the images in that format. You just get the audio.

UPDATE: iTunes got me added. You can subscribe here.