Death Comes To Battlestar Galactica

Apparently the upcoming third season of Battlestar Galactica will bring in some cast changes. From the article:

Ronald D. Moore, executive producer of SCI FI Channel’s original series Battlestar Galactica, told fans that the upcoming third season of the hit SF series could see some fatalities among the characters.

He “declined to be specific”, but was quoted to have said

“Oh, there’re some changes in the air,”

as well as

“We’re going to lose some people this year. Not all of our friends are going to make it all the way.”

I personally think that it would be poetic justice if Baltar lives to see the chaos that he’s caused by surrendering to the Cylons.

We’ll all find out for sure when the show begins airing October 6. It will air Fridays at 9pm ET/PT, according to the article.

[Source: SciFi]