Dark Rim

Some of you might be asking yourself, “Self? Why is there a comic up on EL today called ‘Dark Rim’?”. Well I am here to give you the definitive answer to that pressing question.

First of all, quit talking to yourself…its not healthy. Second of all, “Dark Rim” is a sci fi character driven comic I have had in my brain for quite sometime, and I thought I would start throwing them out there time to time, develop some characterization, kill some bugs, etc. So occasionally, or maybe more, you might see these popup. At some point, they will all be on DarkRim.com, but we are not there yet. Thoughts?

EDIT: Some are seeing Futurama tendancies. While not part of what I am doing, I can see the point having only this one strip and two of the 8 characters. Here is a quote from me in the comments to help explain:

Not my intent at all. Hmmmmm…but now that you say it…I will have to think that through.

The crew is big though…already have 8 characters in the works…these are just two. Either my brain secretly snuck in Futurama tendances, or I am just a dumbass. But yeah, not the intent.

I worry that no matter WHO does a sci fi cartoon that is humor based, they will be accused of Futurama envy. My goal is to play off of ALL the great Science Fiction stereotypes out there (ie Kirk, Spock, Vader, Jedi’s, time travel, endless bumpy headed aliens, etc etc etc). I will get a few of these done and hopfully the bigger picture will be clear at that point.