CONTEST: Where can you show your EL pride?

Another contest? Heck yes! Here’s the deal. You can choose any single print of a comic in the archives (12×18 inch signed by me), or any print in the print store that is 12×18 or less in size, again signed…all free, IF you win!

Here is the contest. I want to see the most creative example of ExtraLife in the wild. If you can get a famous person to hold up an sign with ExtraLife on it, or wear your EL shirt in some crazy place somewhere, or print a comic and stick it somewhere funny, famous, etc.

There will be three winners chosen, each to get a free print of their own. You have to take a picture of whatever it is you do and send it to myextralife at gmail dot com. And if I think I see photoshopping going on, yer out of the running! Also, you can enter as many as you want.

Deadline is August 13th, 2008…couple weeks from now. Be creative, don’t break any laws, and get me your entries. This could be fun. (Gotta thanks Stephen at Majorspoilers for inspiring the idea in the first place.)

EDIT: Does NOT have to be with someone famous…just something creative is the goal here.