Contest Results: We have our winners!

Ok…here’s the deal. I never could get something together for a community vote that would work well enough, or fast enough to do it today. I am working with some options, including some reader created scripts for the next time we do this. I hope to do a contest like this at least once a month. I love the stuff you guys came up with. Pretty crazy and creative stuff. For now, I have picked my favorite three submissions, plus a few runners up as well. Each of the winners will get a signed “Mario Unite” 8×10 print mailed to them asap.

Now, before I layout the winners, I realize that my opinion is going to be different than yours. It’s just the way things go. I picked the three that made me laugh at first sight. (Click to make big)

1st Place: from “minski”

2nd Place: from “Mike M.”

3rd Place: from “Caleb Forney”

Congrats guys! Send me your mailing info and I will get the prints on their way!

A few runner’s up: This one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one.

You can see them ALL right here. For those who want to see the original image, you can see that right here.

Next time, YOU get to be the voters. 🙂