Check out what got sent to me today.

Very interesting email I just got in my inbox:

I am sure this recent media hype that you have generated, is for your own personal gain, no matter what people, families, or business you have to step on to achieve it. While I do agree with the recent Grand Theft Auto rating (it was wrong to have that scene in the game in the first place, even if it wasn’t accessible without a hack), I do believe that the problem stems much deeper than game companies making “murder simulators”. I used to work at an EB Games, and we only sold mature rated games to those 17 years of age or older. While were weren’t supposed to enforce this, mainly because it wasn’t the law, I did so anyway, because, some parents just don’t know what their kids get into. Most stores, follow that rule. You just have parents, family members, or friends that seem to buy these games for some children. While a game is just a game, and harmless by itself…it can encourage some sort of behavior…to a degree…which is why parents need to be more involved. Mostly though..its just looked at like anything else that’s available, be it books, movies, or other forms of media. How is it you attack a video game, clearly rated mature, and only for 17 years old or older, but fail to attack the media, which has verbal abuse, available to anyone, including young children. Sexual scenes on just about any “family” show on TV is available as well…but rated for “teens”, but not enforced. You have shows dedicated to teens, to “guide” them in how they should live, and what is normal for their age, which includes experimentation of drugs, sex, and more. No, the problem isn’t games. Further more, the problem isn’t media as well. Nope, the problem is between two types of people: Your type, and the parents that do not know their own children.

Your type, are the people that abuse the system for personal gain by using fear/scare tactics to persuade the masses to see things how you see fit. You realize that parents do genuinely worry about their children, and so you use that basic instinct and twist it to your favor, so that they: A. Become scared and confused….and B. Chase after a fake problem and really believe in the vain cause. You are nothing but a liar, as well as a predator, that does nothing but try to grab the attention of people, no matter what you destroy in the process.

The other type of “real” problem at heart are the parents. Especially those that do not spend the time with their children. For example, recently, an elderly woman decided she would try and sue Rock Star Games for the Grand theft auto game she purchased for her grandson, because of the “Hot-Coffee Mod”. The problem is though, why was she buying a mature rated game to begin with for her grandchild of 14 years of age in the first place. The ESRB is clearly seen on the back of the box. That’s not a responsible guardian. And most children today do not have responsible guardians. They would rather “pass the buck” onto something else when the real problem is themselves, and how they raise their own children. Yes, kids will always have secrets, but raising them with good morals, and common sense, as well as just spending time with them and what they like, will develop good growth and morally sound children…regardless of what is in the media or video games. To top that off, when you have morally sound people, especially in the majority, the media and video games try to adjust to what sells. Guess what, we start creating a generation that’s responsible, especially for their own actions, and can think for themselves and not be blown about by people like you…they will in turn change the world itself. It doesn’t work the other way, the way your going after, which is make everyone scared, confused, and able to pass the buck instead of taking personal responsibility.

And as a last note, youth crimes are not at an all time high. They are actually at an all time low since the 70’s…especially since video games have become more mainstream. By the way, was it your generation that had riots on college campuses, opposed the government and its war efforts at that time, banned blacks from schools, and brought about the sexual revolution? Hmmmm..sounds like more passing the buck and not taking responsibility for our actions in my honest opinion.

I will state this as you might be confused, or willing to twist what I have stated above. I am not a fan of the GTA games. I have played them, but they are not games that I would own. They definitely are not games I would purchase for any child. They do not have the same morals as what I hold on to. However, it is just a game. I have yet to kill anyone or harm someone as a result of playing them. People make choices in their lives, regardless of what media encourages. It is a game that involves killing, theft, and more….but lets keep one thing straight…it is a game.

If you want to crusade something worth while…in case this isn’t just some sort of self seeking venture you are on, then crusade and encourage parents to spend more time raising their children. Spend more time discouraging youth from having sex…which may reduce the number of unplanned teen pregnancies and STD’s. Encourage people to be responsible for their own actions and faults..and not be so quick to pass the buck on others. Yes games are made when some shouldn’t be….but in the end, people are responsible for what they do in life….not the other way around. This recent attack now on the Sims 2, which I haven’t played yet…but have read your attacks, are really pathetic and sad. Mainly because it seems this media scare about the GTA game is no longer a “big” topic, and now your just grabbing at anything. Do you understand that we as people can turn anything bad. I can claim that lawyers are bad people, and do not stand for justice, but for their own personal gain. Its not true for all of them, but I can twist that lie into becoming truth for myself and others if I choose to. See, the problem with these “hacks” that were used to do what you claim, come from people that want to twist the game to something they want to see.

Take for example the game pac-man. Will you attack that game company, just because someone may find a way to hack it and put sexual images on it instead…when the game was never designed to do that? Will you attack Ford automobile industry if you find someone driving one of their sports cars while being nude, or having some sexual image plastered on the outside of their car? Or will you attack the president of the United States, if someone makes some stupid game or image about him that’s perverted in some way? No…because all that is silly. None of the above is their fault…but the fault of those that perverted it. While grand theft auto had the scene, although non-accessible without further tampering, these other games like Sims 2, do not. And you crusading against them because of that, is ridiculous…and a waste of time…not to mention makes you look less intelligent. You also should really play a game before you attack it. Nothing looks worse or more silly than to see someone attacking something they know nothing about. Besides, it may calm you down a bit. Bad blood pressure at your age isn’t good.

Go after the real problems…and stop chasing your own personal gains.