Can you smell it?

I can. I moved ExtraLife to a new server yesterday, a wicked hot dedicated one with HUGE tubes. 😉 The site is now hosted with ZeStuff in Montreal and I am really pleased with the upgrade. It was the right time in ExtraLife’s life cycle to make the move, and it will definitely benefit you, dear reader, in the form of faster speeds and better performance all around.

I can’t say enough to thank for being EL’s backbone since January of 2005. In 06, we doubled our overall audience and the freedom they gave to me to create and publish myself so freely really made a huge difference. While I am sad to leave them, I am excited for the next chapter. I know it sounds silly, and it’s just hosting, but it’s so important to all of this working right and well.

So, enjoy the upgrade. It means many more things as well, but we will get to those in time. And as always, all of this is for not without you guys…so thanks for fandom! I know there are other places you could be. 😉

UPDATE: Some of you will still resolve to the old server, as the DNS has not fully propagated yet. Should be within the next 12 hours or so that everyone is on the same page. How to tell? If you see the orange Laugh at Work banner above this post, you are still on the old server.