Can the PS3 Save Sony?
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Sony lovers – and they are legion – have been watching all of this with awe and trepidation. It’s not every day that a $64 billion-a-year corporation puts its future on the line. “It’s very un-Japanese,” observes Rishad Tobaccowala, who tracks the entertainment business as a future-of-media specialist at the global ad giant Publicis. “It’s betting the company. If this thing bombs, there is no second coming. Everything else about Sony is a sideshow. This is the show.” #

Well, I wonder if this is an ingenious marketing technique. After reading all the negative press towards Sony I actually started feeling bad for them and pre-ordered my PS3. Sony, my god, you are geniuses. NOTE: This article reflects the views of Kathan and not that of EL on the whole.