Litter of news, in a all you can eat bundle!

Got a TON of links from people today…thank you to you ALL! I felt there were so many I would consolidate them a bit into a single thread this morning:

Starcraft on your PSP…NOW!
Now that’s something I can sink my time into while on the toilet! 🙂

Super Mario Bros. re-enactment.
I really wish I had the free time these sorts of people seem to have.

Robot can run on water?
This is crazy cool.

“Elebits” coming to the Revolution from Konami

In Elebits, players move around a game world, attempting to find and collect Elebit creatures.

Valve is definate on 360 Dev
This makes sense to me.

High rez BF 2142 screenshots.
Probably about wht we can expect to see at E3 in a couple weeks.

So there you go. Lots to take in. More posts later but I thought I will kill this fat bird with a huge frickin’ stone! 🙂