Build your own Geek!


With all this recent attention on the 56 Geeks Project, a bunch of people have written wondering if I had a way to do custom geeks for them. They all feel like they might have a certain kind of geek persona that people have never heard of, or is not already represented in the print, or might only exist in their individual case.

I think I tend to agree. Everyone has their own kind of geek trapped inside them, and I have a way of letting it out, and hanging it on your wall. 🙂

I give you the “Build a Geek” project. In addition to the 56 Geeks pages I created, I went ahead and put the option there for people who might want to have a custom geek made just for them.

Here’s a quote from the page:

People will get to…

And yes, you get to have those cool stats around your dude if you like. 🙂 You can get all the details on