Boy Genious at Halo 2

Halo 2 Kid

Victor De Leon III, an 8 year old from Long Island, is offering coaching lessons in Halo 2 for a whopping $25 an hour. Victor isn’t a novice when it comes to Halo 2, though. He may only be a youngster, but he’s won several Halo 2 touraments that have seen him walking away with thousands of dollars in cash prizes.. The young prodigy is part of the group, where struggling gamers are able to pay upto $65 for one of 12 instructors to teach them the in and outs of Halo 2. The boy clearly has some skills, as he has students raining from all over the globe.

The boy is only 8 years old, and already earning $25 an hour playing video games? Why do I suddenly feel so depressed?