Bioware Co-Founder Agrees (kinda) to Change the ME3 Ending

There’s been hate, a lot of hate, regarding Mass Effect 3 – specifically the ending. Groups on the Bioware forums have wanted to do anything from creating a(nother) Kickstarter program to storming the gates of the developer studio itself. In an unprecedented move, Ray Muzyka addressed the Mass Effect fan-base directly regarding this issue. In essence, he agreed that something needs to be done with regard to Mass Effect while still saying that he very proud of the Mass Effect 3 team and the work they have accomplished. There’s no guarantee that this new content will clarify anything or be the thing that will quell the masses, but it is something. Now, if it’s something extra that fans are going to have to pay for then that opens up a whole new debate. To take this even further, some folks feel that this was the EA influence in full swing, create an underwhelming ending in order to make people want to buy more content.

So full disclosure, I have not yet completed the main story arc in ME3. But, you know what kind of sucks in all of this is that now I’m expecting to be let down by the end. I keep waiting for that moment where things take a dumb turn, causing me to be super critical about everything else.