Better get this out there now.

Listeners of both ExtraLife Radio and The Instance should be informed about a change. The rumor mill is in full swing and I thought it would be better to get the facts out there before it got weird.

As of this last Saturday (2 days ago) Andrew and the two shows will be parting ways for the time being. He will be missed, and we wish him the very best in everything he does.

At least for now, ELR will not be adding a fourth person into the regular mix, but we will have a rotating guest spot when it makes sense, and all will remain pretty much the same. Also, those looking for hidden messages or agendas will be disappointed. There is no dirt, and we are not dishing any out. Tomorrows ELR will be business as usual.

UPDATE: Everyone needs to chill out a few notches. Put your conspiracy theory’s away. I just got off the horn with Andrew and this all might end with happy news after all. Andrew is a good friend. That remains true regardless, and we just talked for an hour about what will happen next. So hang in there, don’t freak out, and quit being goofy. 🙂