Best review EVER!


Just had to post this review recently received on iTunes…which I should note finally took ELR out of its perfect 5 star status (good work, Gnomesense.) 🙂

Anyway, I am 100% fine with negative reviews, whether honest or with some other motive…it’s all fine by me. But what cracked me up about this one is the facts he got wrong. Sort of takes the steam out of his argument. Click to embiggen it. Here are the things he / she got wrong:

– a sponsor? LOL! is the sponsor. I guess that has Buy in it. 🙂

– Been obsessed with mine, and my guests fecal matter over the last couple months. Am I listening to the same show he is?

– My Asian Half Brother. Actually…he was adopted when he was 11, and we don’t have any genetically shared parents. Where did half come from? 🙂

– O and Brian, who are constantly funny and entertaining, are often relegated to the side of Scott’s ego. Seems like if that were true, they would not be allowed to be constantly funny and entertaining. Maybe he means “Scott’s Eggo”, because that’s true. I have HUGE breakfast items they have to relegated next to as a general rule. 🙂