Best fans on earth…

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Want to give a special shout out to a fan of the shows and a reader named Kathy. She sent me an email a while ago asking if it was OK to send me something to cheer me up. She’d read on my twitter posts and other places, that I was a little down about issues such as the ailing economy, the stuff that happened in Mumbai, and other things I let get to me. Hey, I’m a sensitive guy…whatcha gonna do.

Anyway, I told her of course…but she would not tell me what it was. Turns out, it was this awesome hand knitted winter hat, and I have to tell you….this package made my MONTH! What a kind and nice thing to do. She not only cheered me up but she proved something we often forget. People, even strangers, can do a lot to help other people. I want to thank her publicly for reminding me of that. Thank you, Kathy!!!