Attention out of towners! Nerdtacular Needs!

You will want to read this if you are coming from out of town in July for the Nerdtacular event.

I am looking for anyone that is NOT in the SLC area, or is traveling in from outside the general Salt Lake and Utah County valley for the Nerdtacular event in July, to get in contact with me so I can help ensure you get tickets for sure.

If you are driving in, flying in, or have some sort of secret teleportation device, send me an email to myextralife at gmail dot com, with ‘nerdtacular‘ in the subject line.

That way I can help make sure you have tickets, and don’t end up coming here for nothing. 🙂 Be sure to tell me in the email where you are coming from, and who might be coming with you.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please only do this if you are genuinely one of these people. Not that I don’t trust people, I just want to do right by those who are going the extra mile to travel here. Thanks!