At first I thought this must be fake. Turns out, “Halo Babies” is for real fake.

Halo Babies

Halo Babies is a delightful non-violent animated children’s show based upon the game Halo: Combat Evolved by Bungie Studios. The 24 episodes in three seasons originally aired from January 5th, 2002 to October 26th, 2002 at 10 AM EST on Fox Kids. Each episode was 30 minutes long in high definition stereo (where available) with closed captioning. The series is currently in syndication. There is no word yet as to whether there will be additional episodes or when the series DVD will be made available.

Holy mother of crap. Check it. (Thanks, Doug)

UPDATE: Well, it would seem this is all crap. Its a big joke and “Doug” got me. Nice one, dude. 🙂