Ads and popups

I am getting word from a couple people (literally 2 people) that say the site is delivering popup ads. This should not be the case, but I am concerned since my choice of this new ad network was partly based on the fact that there should be none. While I have upgraded my ad network to help pay some site bills, there is no way in hell I am letting any of it come in the form of popups.

I come to the site constantly to post things, tweak things, etc. during the day and I have not seen a single popup. Can anyone else who has seen these please post what ads they were, when you saw them, etc? I want to squash this if it’s happening. Thanks!

UPDATE: Even if we do find some offending popups, I should be able to block them. The network does not do popups but it could be that some of the advertisers are gaming the system a little.

UPDATE 2: I updated the ad code to block any and all popups, pop unders, flashing ads, anything with audio, etc.