Actor’s with horrible breath: Part One

Screen shot 2009-10-19 at 10.49

A few episodes back on ELR, I mentioned a few prominent actors that I’m pretty sure have really bad breath. I know this is just an assumption I’m making and I could be dead wrong, but I’m gonna have some fun with this anyway.

So who’s up first? Jennifer Aniston. I just can’t watch her without feeling for certain she’s got the worst sour milk breath of all time. Picture any number of her run of the mill romantic comedies, during some lame kissing scene, and you’ll find me squirming on the couch wondering how it is that Vince Vaugn can force himself to make out in the face of that vile stink.

Anyway, I’ll do a series of these. I just have to think the world has is on pins and needles waiting for information like this.

EDIT: Meh…nevermind. People are getting super uptight about it. Part one is it.