A story of a school system that blocks ExtraLife.

Korey has been keeping me up to date on a small scale war he’s had with his school administrator. Kind of a blow-by-blow update, and its been pretty entertaining.

Let me say this: EL is NOT offensive, at least I don’t think it is. I don’t cuss in my strips, I don’t swear all over my blog, and even our radio show is for general audiences. All that said, his school is still pretty convinced that its a bad place for students to go. Here is their official stance currently:

I appreciate your maturity at questioning the blocking of www.myextralife.com. You are correct, it did get blocked automatically due to some of the topics of the cartoons and the corresponding language. Upon review of this specific site, I agree that there is probably nothing wrong with it for a high school student to be viewing. However, it is essential that we remember that the Internet Content Filter is active for the entire district…teachers, administrators, high school students and kindergartners. I do consider it less appropriate for the middle school and intermediate school students. I will bring up your concerns pertaining to this site at our next Technology Committee and Administrative Staff meetings. Until then, it will remain blocked, but after that the status of this particular site could be changed. We will have to wait to see what the committees decide.

Any thoughts? Very interesting.

UPDATE: You can see the deny screen here.