A logo contest…

Ok…here is the deal. I am drained right now. With the site overhaul, the comic, the shows, and the umpteen jobs I have going right now, I would like to see what the community can come up with for something.

I want to run a contest. You guys create what you think would be the best logo for the ExtraLife site. Right now, there is this:

I want it to be those same dimensions, which are 125 pixels wide x 100 pixels tall. Final format can be PNG, Gif, or JPG. 2d, 3d, whatever…anything is possible.

Along with being the dude that created my site logo, the winner will receive a full sized color print (12 x 18 inch) of any comic in the archives of their choice, signed by me. Like this one for example:

So let’s see what you can do! Send your entries to myextralife at gmail dot com. I will decide in a week based on what I get. Good luck! (EDIT: You can submit as many as you want.)