A late update on how things went in Mississippi

Hey all. Been meaning to post this for about a week or more. Kim’s parents went down to Mississippi with EL Relief Fund cash in hand, and bought shoes, work boots, supplies, food, water, and various other needful things. They brought back with them photographic evidence of how crappy things really are as a result of the hurricane. I thought I would share that with you here:

Mud filled kitchen
House full to the brim
Boat on house
Piled up furniture after the water pulled back out
Gutted house
The place where many had put their stuff in storage, only to have it destroyed too.

Those are just some of the many shots they brought back with them. The really sucky part is they are all STILL dealing with this stuff. The news has tucked this all under the rug and moved on, but the people down there are still looking at months and years of rebuild time.

Anyway, those who donated made a HUGE difference for people and I thank you again for everyone here. Even though our total take was a tick less than $500 dollars, we were able to spread it really far and deep and make some very specific impacts on individuals. Thank you again for your wonderful generosity.