A few thoughts.


I figure if I squint hard enough, I might actually be able to see you. 😉 Anyway, like the title says, A few thoughts.

Thought number one: It’s gotten to the point that so much email is coming to me everyday from readers, ELR listeners, etc, that its downright impossible for me to get back to everyone, and still stay afloat with all I have going on. So thought number one is this: If I can reply, I will, but if things are nuts busy, please don’t get ticked because I have not gotten back to you. It’s just too much these days, and I am but one dork.

Thought number two: I am on a webcomics panel the weekend of the 23rd at a Scifi convention, and wondered if any of you thought it would be worth it if I recorded the thing. Its me and a couple other dudes in a room full off people. Would any listen to a MP3 if a created one?

Thought number three: Actor Richard Gere was considered to play the role of John McClane in the movie Die Hard. Bruce Willis played the part instead. Strange, aye?

UPDATE: Went with the LOST motif.