A death in the family…

While doing this whole ExtraLife thing, its often easy for me to forget about the personal lives of the fans and readers. All of you have lives, loves, and existences of significance. One of those significant lives was taken from us, and I just felt I had to post about it here.

Hello and Goodbye.

This is to my ExtraLife Family. I would like to thank everyone on these boards for the kindness they showed me when I first signed up. I wasn’t on the forums very long, but I certainly enjoyed my time here. Especially playing World of Warcraft with everyone in the guild, and meeting my favourite PodCast personalities. I would like to thank Mojo, for the songs he sang with me. And I certainly hope Sentinel makes good on his promise to buy Neuro his blowup doll for 5000 posts. I sincerely enjoyed my time on these boards, and with everything ExtraLife in general. Anytime I was down I would come on here and get a laugh. Or listen to the podcast and Andrews stupid jokes. Seriously, I’ll miss you all. I go on to join many friends who passed before me. Death is just another path in life, and one we never walk alone. My best wishes to everyone, take care of yourselves.

You can read his sibling’s full post in the message boards here. May Dylan rest in peace, and may his family find strength during this difficult time. If you like, you can leave any thoughts on that thread.