The culmination of time…

It’s six in the morning. A Saturday. I know what needs to be done.

I try to not wake my parents as I sneak down the hall in my Batman pajamas and dirty knee high socks. Destination: Kitchen.

I open the cupboard above the microwave and fish around for my favorite bowl, the one with the Ewoks on it. I find it, but its got something baked on it, something the dishwasher missed. I don’t care. I pick it off with my finger nail. It’s the only bowl I like.

A half filled box of Cap’n Crunch, and a new box of Fruity Pebbles are my choices. The box of Total bran flakes gets completely ignored. It is as if it is not even there. Just a void, empty and meaningless.

I choose both, and mix the bowl with two of the cereal industries finest creations. I accept nothing less than Vitamin D milk to complete the transaction, and I swiftly make my way downstairs with incredible balance and form.

My sister Wendi is already on the couch, wrapped up tightly in a red and white checkered blanket often used for picnics or fourth of July family fireworks displays. She says nothing…she is already watching The Super Friends.

I sit in my normal place, and watch as Lex Luther deploys his cloning ray gun, filling the world with Bizarros and Cheetahs, created from the average citizenry, hell bent on robbing Earth of its riches and hidden treasures, only to be thwarted in their plans yet again by a life saving move performed by Green Lantern.

I am led to believe in this episode that Aquaman can breath in space. I see it, but I don’t believe it.

It’s only 6:30am. Hours of cartoons still await me and my sister. My parents still sleep. They will likely sleep all the way through ScoobyDo and the Bugs Bunny Road Runner show. I figure we will see them somewhere in the middle act of Voltron.

Eventually I will find myself dressed, out doing chores, playing with friends, seeing a movie with my dad, waiting another week to do it all over again.

It was so simple. And so fast.