A conversation about cutting and pasting in Web Comics.

So I was having this conversation with myself while I drove to work today. Its not something I do all the time, but I could not seem to ignore myself today, the jerk.

Anyway, I was thinking about the prevalent use of cutting and pasting in web comics these days. Everyone does it, from Scott Kurtz over at PvP, to the extreme copy and paste of 8-Bit Comics. I have been known to do it a bit in some older EL strips. Actually one of the main reasons I went to a single panel format for most of the strips is to combat my temptation to copy and paste. It seems to cheapen the experience a bit, at least from the art perspective.

I don’t have anything against creators who use this method, I just don’t like doing it myself. In my case I found a happen medium ground with what I do now. Do you guys have any thought on this? What does the READER think? Is copying and pasting a cop-out? Or does the very fact that these things are digital mean that we can cut corners like this, and its no big deal? Love to hear your thoughts.