A Christmas gift for lovers of Extralife Radio!
all-of-us 14-52-38

Rob Geboers is the man. Some of you will recognize the name, but in case you don’t he is the musical genius that provided so much of the music and sound that helped ELR become what it became for it’s 5 year run. Intro’s, themes, holiday mixes, bumpers, outros, etc etc. His contributions were crutial to ELR’s success, and I am ever grateful for the time he spent with us on that show. (You can still hear his work on AppSlappy, TMS, and more.)

As a FREE christmas gift to you, especially those of you that were regular ELR listeners, linked here is a free MP3 package feature so much of Rob’s great work on the show. Our christmas theme, the halloween theme, the news theme, unreleased tracks, bonus stuff and more! No strings attached! Just pull it down and enjoy! HUGE thanks to Rob for suggesting we do this, and doing the work to get it all compiled and ready for you guys. He’s tops in my book.


Thanks everyone! Have a GREAT holiday!