900 Pounds Heavier and 7 Years Older

Whoops! I completely forgot two major milestones in the ExtraLife universe. The comic hit 900 strips two comics ago, and yesterday was our 7th anniversary. 7 years, dude. Sheesh… That seems like a long time and not a long time, all at the same time…does that make sense?

The comic had its humble beginnings on the Gamespy network all those years ago. I can’t believe I still have that screen cap shown above.

Anyway, I guess it’s a testament of how things have grown that I forgot all about these things. I would be remiss if I did not thank each and everyone of you for coming to the site, checking things out, and coming back again and again. I even want to thank that guy who popped in for 2 minutes back in ’02 and never came back. The guy who is reading this right now and had no idea what this site is. And everyone in between…THANK YOU for all your support!!!! I can’t do it without you. Technically, we need each other. Here’s to another 7 years, and another 900 strips, by which time the robot revolution will be complete. I for one welcome our metallic overlords.