The Nerdtacular Is Upon Us Again!


Still some months to go, but it’s time to start planning the ExtraLife Dark Knight 2008 Nerdtacular scheduled for July of this year! Those who attended the Spiderman III nerdtacular last year will know full well what to expect…or do you? 🙂

This year we have much more planned, including a MUCH larger theater, more swag than ever before, more sponsors, a meet-up after the premier, and FOOD! Yes, food is good.

The response last year was HUGE, and not only did we get the lion’s share of local EL fans to attend, we had quite a few out of towners as well. This year looks to be even more loaded up with folks from all over. More details will come of course as the time rolls by, but I wanted to get the word out that it is HAPPENING, and I am all shades of excited to hang with you guys again.

Watch the blog for updates! Will have a page created just for this soon as well, including signups for the free tickets.