56 Zombies COMPLETE! Taking orders now…

(thanks carter, for holding the print up for this photo)

First of all, a HUGE thanks to EVERYONE who has supported this project for about a year. I knew I’d get it finished and my goal was to do that before my birthday in mid-July…which I am really glad I was able to do. In a very real way, these kinds of projects are fueled directly by you as readers, listeners, and followers. Very thankful that you support me in all this stuff.

The print is up on the store now, and available to anyone anywhere in the world. Pricing and details after the jump.

Not familiar with the project? The 56 Zombies is a bit of a successor to the propular 56 Geeks Project I completed a few years ago. You can see each Zombie in detail here, or in links in the store listing.

Thanks again, and I can’t wait to start shipping this high quality prints out to you guys!