193 Department of Defence Cybersecurity Regulations

The men and women working in the US Department of Defence have either just had their work made a lot easier, or a lot harder, thanks to the release of this “strategy” for meeting the challenges of “building, operating and securing the Global Information Grid (GIG) for the Department of Defense.”

The image is a list of 193 regulations, directives, white papers, policies and memos that are required reading, and are all neatly organized under four headings;

  1. Organize for unity of purpose and speed of action (shortened to “Organize” in the chart).
  2. Enable secure mission driven access to information and services (shortened to “Enable” in the chart).
  3. Anticipate and prevent successful attacks on data and networks (shortened to “Anticipate” in the chart).
  4. Prepare for and operate through cyber degradation or attack (shortened to “Prepare” in the chart).

The chart is a PDF available for download, and has “hyperlinks”, colour coding and different fonts to make life easier. Sadly, I think they’re overestimating the effect of red Tahoma.

[IATAC via the Danger Room]