Space Pop

October 21, 2014
Space Pop

About this comic

I hate that song. Not because it’s bad, as one might argue, but because once it’s in your head, it never EVER leaves. @7Tee2 on twitter had a pretty funny reply he sent to me, so I decided to play with it a little and put something up. Enjoy!

5 Responses to Space Pop

  1. Jose says:

    the tadpoolies need to get together and make a song out of this. keeping it all Star Trek-ifide I’d pay $2 for that.

  2. Florian says:

    All the right spock in all the right places…….

  3. Doug says:

    *pushes glasses up on nose*

    Their badges are on opposite sides of their chests. Comic ruined.

    I keed, I keed. I literally had no heard this song before. I think I am happy about that? Not sure.

  4. thePenciler says:

    Remember “Well Well Well” by Duffy? :P

  5. t33p0 says:

    ….can someone tell me what’s in Spock’s right hand?

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