Following the rules…

December 17, 2014
Following the rules…

About this comic

Big thanks to @theycallmevera on Twitter for the joke. Cracked me up. Had to make it into a comic.

6 Responses to Following the rules…

  1. I want! Will this be available as a print?

    • Tony S says:

      Oh man, I would so get this as a print and frame it at home!
      Our dog loves food! We honestly think that she worships gravity.


  2. Vake Xeacons says:

    My dog’s got a split second rule.

  3. Jack Fox says:

    Sometimes the food doesn’t even make it to the ground with my friend’s dog.

  4. Sam Laughter says:

    Huh, sometimes it’s like that with my 9-year old boy.

  5. Bardsolo says:

    For some reason my brain sees a pig in this comic not a dog. I think it’s the spots.

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