What is Nerdtacular?

Nerdtacular is a fan appreciation event created by me, Scott Johnson, creator of Extralife and host of ELR and The Instance podcasts.  The first event was held in 2007 in Salt Lake City, during the premier weekend of Spiderman III.  The whole idea was to try and figure out a way that I could give a little something back to my amazing community.  I rented a movie theater and invited fans from all over the world, and gave out prizes and other phat lewts to some lucky attendees.

In 2008, Nerdtacular was held during the premier of Batman: The Dark Knight, with doubled attendance and loads more prizes.  It was also the year where a good 3rd of the crowd were from out of state, and in some cases, the country.

What happens exactly?

You might think it’s a little weird for people to drive or fly long distances just for a free two hour movie.  Maybe it is, but that is how we roll.  Of course having the Utah fan base there is equally awesome. 

In addition to the film, there is a get-together planned afterwards where people can meet and greet, and geek out with fellow nerds. 

I’ll have special signed limited prints created especially for the event.  Also, food will be on hand to purchase from Wasatch Deli.

Attendees are encouraged to see the sights, enjoy SLC in the spring, and relax.  Locals can just go jump in the river.  :)

What’s the plan for N09?

This year, on May 9th, 2009, we will be seeing the new Star Trek film.  (Can’t think of anything nerdier than that, right?)  We’re planning on seating 225 or so in the theater.  Expect great prizes and a few surprises too.

Register HERE!  Please only register if you plan to come.  If your plans change, please email me and let me know. 

This year’s screening will be held at the following address.  (< Google Maps link)

Can I help sponsor the event?

Yes!  if you are interested in being a sponsor, contact me by email ( and we can work out the details.  Past sponsors include, DogHouseSystems, Greenwood Insurance Group, GoDaddy, Coverville, YouBuyNow, and more.  We had fans contribute prizes as well. 

Some prefer to contribute financially, while others might just offer t-shirts or giveaways...just about anyone can be a part of the event in some way. 

What does the future hold?

I’d really like to see Nerdtacular grow into something special.  Perhaps include a more convention style feel, with participating booths, gaming rooms, other artists on hand, multiple events over a couple of days, special panels, etc.  Not quite there yet, but we will see how things  go at N10.


Star Trek
May 9th
SLC, Utah
Register NOW!

nerdtacular 2009 is nigh!