ExtraLife Radio #90a: Xmen III Meetup Report!

Was a GREAT time getting to meet and know AfterSpencer, Veko, Laura, Crista, Dave, MiniMac, THE KECK, Mrs. Keck, JeffS, and even “the other guy” showed up. 🙂 Here are a few pics:

This one is a shot of Spencer, Dave and The Keck holding the front of the line, and keeping the For the Horde phone free of alliance scum! (click to enlarge)


Here’s a shot of the phone as I went by, and all I got was a big huge blur that turned out kind of mystic and cool:


Here’s the big group shot of everyone after the show. I was going to label everyone but I am lazy today. 🙂


AND, if that was not enough, you can get a copy of the audio HERE!

MP3 Direct Download