Podcast #27: How to do a web comic!

Howdy all! A new ExtraLife Radio Podcast has been completed and updated! This was a fun one I thought. My only complaint is about myself. My mic levels were all screwy and seemed to be way louder than they had any right to be, but its not horrible.

First we talk about P2P and how it got smacked down by the courts today. Then we get into how Obsidian, Brian and I do our comics, why we do them, and a few tips and tricks to the trade. We also talk a bit about our favorite strips, URL’s and all. GREAT fun group show! Thanks again to Obsidian, Brian and Andrew!

You can get the PODCAST FEED here. If you would rather download the 27mb MP3 directly, GO HERE. And make sure to drop us a vote over at Podcast Alley.