ExtraLife Radio, Show #70: The Kneel Before Zod Show!


We have the great pleasure of having one of the silkiest voices in podcasting today as our guest, Scott Fletcher of PodCheck Review. He is a GREAT guy and we were lucky to have him on the show. His Future Sport II trailer is not to be missed. (Will add that to the feed as well in a day or so.)

We get into movies that deserve sequels, including your submissions! This was a FUN show, even the part where we get echo-happy and bring you along for the broken down ride. Thanks to Sebastian for the great mashup as usual at the end of the show. And yes, you finally get your blooper reel! All that and more await you within!

Before I forget, the ExtraLife Radio store is open! Not much there yet but stuff is coming and coming fast! You can get stickers for buck! Much more on the way.

UPDATE: I did not clarify on the current contest. You can win the artwork even if you are not the first call I get. I will pull from the calls randomly.

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