ExtraLife Radio: Podcast 53, Hardcore Gaming Grandma

Meet Barbara, 69 year old grandmother, and hardcore gamer. A rare conversation with a very unique gamer and her grandson Tim. He runs the blog, Old Grandma Hardcore, and certainly has a great story to tell. I hope you guys enjoy this one, as its probably one of the most fun things I have done, on the show or otherwise. We cover everything from her start in video games, to commentary from Barbara on the topic of video game violence. 12 minutes and 50 seconds. Thanks, Grandma! Barbara, this one’s for you.

And in a ExtraLife exclusive, I am happy to report that Barbara has been signed by MTV to do, what else…review video games. 🙂

EDIT: Help DIGG this story over at DIGG.com

EDIT: She got covered on MSNBC as well it seems!

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