ExtraLife Radio #99: Two Weeks! TWO WEEKS!


Big show 99! Yes. 99 indeed. We hit it all tonight! Big bunch of hootch, and our longest show to date! And by the way, ignore all my talk about us not being here NEXT week. I screwed up on the time of my stupid fam reunion. Its the NEXT week that I’m gone. So we WILL be doing 100 next week. Durrrr. I suck.

We talk about you sending in your show 100 audio, Andrew’s resident evil movie extra work, PSP and iPod sheilds, Peter Cullen is Primed and ready, Venom poster, my new dog Helo, How Were the Graphics for Lady in the Toilet and Monster House, and a great crappy movie of the week! And MUCH MUCH MUCH more! (Multiple Total Recall references inside.)

Check out this game from ArcadeTown! I like bowling. 🙂

UPDATE!!! We are not doing show 100 now until the 6th of August…that is Sunday. Will keep you informed.

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