ExtraLife Radio #71: The MacGyver is Matlock Show!

Big show and we begin by playing a bit of a GREAT Jonathon Coulton song, and we award last weeks winner! Way to go! We also start a contest for Lobster Johnson from the Hellboy comics, in action figure form of course.

We take a slew of calls from TJ, Rico, drunk british guy, and many others. Man there are a lot of burp and fart references in this episode. How fun. We tackle the new Intel macs and see what gamers might expect from Apple. Meh…who cares.

We talk a bit about punch out, and the words Body Blow can be heard on the wind. Followed up by some nice talk about the top 200 games of all time. Its about then we get deep into the Sci Fi TV conversation. I LOVE Battlestar Galactica. Yes I do. Then Brian gets into his medical procedure, which makes me feel like we live in an evil future.

And we end with a great crappy movie of the week, and some talk about ELR swag! Its all here baby! Oh, and another great mashup of show 70 by Sebastian!

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