ExtraLife Radio #37, Another Random Show!

A group show with Scott, Andrew, Brian, Chris, and Obsidian. Scott’s cat eats his new $30 dollar headphones. Scott talks about his recent food poisoning experience. Scott Shards?

Some great emails from loyal listeners. A special email from Pontus Madsen writer for Little Gamers has some suggestions for Scott on the PSP and Myextralife.com would also love to do a podcast with a webcartoonist roundtable.

Dean Cain’s Birthday This past week (July 31, 1966). Andrew announces Alpha signup with D&D Online. Two members of the group show, embrace their baldness by shaving their heads. Hot Coffee / Sims 2 Quickly Revisited. Chris talks about desensitization from violent video games. Scott recounts his experience with a disturbing scene from “The Hand” that once had a profound effect on him but now after years of gaming it has little effect on him at all. The group talks about the next gen consoles. PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Revolution. Importance of a being first to release and where are the price points of these consoles. Nov 2005: Xbox $300? Spring 2006 : PS3 $350 Nintendo: To be announced: Who the crap knows. Obsidian drills Scott about the luxuries of owning all the consoles ever made.

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