ExtraLife Radio #127: Underwear and Cape!


WARNING: Even though most true BSG fans would have seen it already, straglers are pretty uptight about the “spoiler” I drop in the show. It’s all over the damn internet, but anyway. Be warned, if you don’t want to hear it, put the show off till you see it. (Or don’t use the internet generally…it’s everywhere right now.)

BIG show tonight, long and crazy. You know you are in for it when I say the wrong year at the top of the show, and even then, no one corrects me. Join Brian, O, Len and I as we geek out hard for more than an hour. Included are such issues as Spiderman footage, Heroes, the Battlestar Shocker, reality TV, The 300, and a TON of random things that came out of nowhere. Will have to save the ELR Alphabet till next show. 🙂 (Sorry, Chris.) Hey! Check out this thing Brian mentioned!

Additional thanks to YouBuyNow, GoDaddy, O, Brian, Rob, Mike, Sebastian, and YOU! (And the peeps in the live chatroom…that’s always fun.)

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